The industry doesn’t care if you look good

Jan 3, 2019 | Wardrobe Tips

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Yep, it’s the middle of July, but Fall is just around the corner… if you ask the garment industry. Maybe an email or two has already even gone out advertising a little something we in the industry call “Pre-Fall”. Once upon a time designers showed one collection per year. Now, fast fashion brands release as many as 52 microseasons each year. Yes, that’s ONE PER WEEK.

Why so many? Is the industry just trying to help
you out by keeping you as up to the minute on trends as possible?

Mais, non.

Here’s the deal – the garment industry puts out an endless supply of content letting you know what’s new and now under the guise of making sure you look stylish and in the know and not like yesterday’s news.


I know this is going to sound like conspiracy theory, but it’s just business. The garment industry profits tremendously when you buy things that don’t work for you. The women out there who know exactly what works for them and have a streamlined wardrobe of those things (like, for example, my clients…) are literally the industry’s worst nightmare.

Because once you have that wardrobe that just works effortlessly, you don’t need to shop 52 times a year. When fall rolls around, you just wear what you wore last fall.

Just imagine what would happen to retailers if even 50% of women got their wardrobes figured out for good! If you can see what a disaster that would be for them, you can see why the industry actually WANTS to pump out a constant stream of hyper trendy items that are inappropriate and ill suited to most shoppers. It keeps women dissatisfied and buying EVEN MORE to try and solve the problem.

I hear from so many women who are embarrassed to admit that they struggle to shop and put together an effective wardrobe. They feel like they’re just bad at style and wonder what’s wrong with them.

If this is you, I just want to tell you – it’s not your fault. You’re playing a rigged game.

Even as a fashion insider, I once was trapped in a cycle of shopping and shopping and never getting a wardrobe that worked – and I blamed it on myself. Through years of experimentation and study, I finally figured out how to hack the system to my advantage.

It has become my life’s mission to share what I’ve learned and to help women break free from the industry-imposed cycle of constant shopping. I work with women who are ready to hit delete on every email advertising the trends next season.

So I want to know…

Do you know what you’re wearing this fall?


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