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Aug 10, 2019 | Lipsticks, Personal Color Analysis, Soft Summer

Lipstick Choices

Ahh, lipstick. It’s my personal favorite makeup item, but I don’t think I’m biased in saying that the quest for even one lipstick that seems to work is what drives many women to seek out a personal color analysis. Being able to know that exact perfect shade, wear it until the tube is worn down to the nub, and buy another one can sound like livin’ the dream if you’ve been trying shade after shade, only to become quickly disenchanted with each new one after a brief honeymoon period. But before you start adding to the cart, here are my top tips for choosing Soft Summer lipsticks. If you want to jump straight to the lipsticks, just click here. 

Tips When Shopping For Soft Summer Lipsticks

#1 Go NudeWith Caution

Many nude lipsticks harmonize with the Soft Summer or Soft Autumn palette, which is a net positive, as it means they’re always available. However, many of these nudes are extremely light and soft, even more than they need to be for those seasons. The outcome might not be the worst, but it often leads to a situation where lipsticks that seem to match well on paper end up looking ho-hum when you actually wear them. Thus, it may be better to seek out more colorful nudes or non-nude colors such as dusty roses or spiced apricots.

#2 Subtle Shades Make You Shine Bright

There’s no denying the power of a bold lip color to elevate your look. If you belong to one of the Summer color seasons and find yourself disappointed by the recommendation of subtle, muted shades, it’s important to remember that color perception is relative. What may seem unexciting in the lipstick tube can actually look quite striking on someone with softer coloring.

#3 Natural is All Relative

“Natural” has a perpetual appeal for women who prefer a subtle look for everyday wear. Enter the nude lip, loosely defined as a lipstick color that could have been lifted from the natural beiges, browns, mauves, and roses found in the skin. The problem with these shades is that they often seek to “match” the overtone, without understanding or respecting one’s undertone. Unless the match is literally identical (which is almost impossible to do without custom blending with a very keen eye) the resulting color might not actually fit that person’s coloring, and therefore may not be particularly becoming.

#4 Never Underestimate the Power of Red

Red lipstick remains an enduring classic for a reason – it brings a touch of glamour, sophistication, and that certain je ne sais quoi to almost any look. The good news is, there’s a “red” for every one of the 12 color seasons, though the color in the tube may not initially look like your idea of a red lip. Rest assured that because of the relative nature of color, the right shade of red will have that “wow” effect on you.

#5 Not Every Color that Harmonizes is Perfect for YOU

One of my favorite things about Personal Color Analysis is that it allows me to effortlessly choose the perfect lipstick from my collection of 80+ shades for my clients. However, it’s important to know that while your best lip colors will match your palette, not all palette-matching colors will suit you personally. While it may take a bit of experimenting to find your individual best shades within your season, it’s a much faster and easier process with the options being narrowed (and with the help of the list below!).

With that said, let’s get on to the shades!
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Lipsticks for a Soft Summer Color Palette

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