The Best Dark Autumn Lipsticks

Aug 12, 2019 | Dark Autumn, Lipsticks, Personal Color Analysis

Lipstick Choices

Ahh, lipstick. It’s my personal favorite makeup item, but I don’t think I’m biased in saying that the quest for even one lipstick that seems to work is what drives many women to seek out a personal color analysis. Being able to know that exact perfect shade, wear it until the tube is worn down to the nub, and buy another one can sound like livin’ the dream if you’ve been trying shade after shade, only to become quickly disenchanted with each new one after a brief honeymoon period.

My Tips

I do have some basic tips for you when shopping for the right shade of lipstick now that you know your personal colors. (Don’t know yours? Check out Personal Color Analysis)

  • Stick to Tried and True brands
    • While it’s fun to try random brands, going with brands that have stood the test of time will mean a quality product every (most?) time.
  • Use Your Palette
    • It may sound so obvious, but bring that palette with you to the makeup counter – you’ll be shocked at how well it works, and the staff will thank you as well.
  • Stock Up
    • Just like that perfect shirt you found, when you go back to get another version, it’s never there. The same can be true with lipsticks. When you find that daily go-to, buy a few.
  • Use Your Resources
    • You aren’t alone! If you are a member of The Society, post in the Facebook group to seek suggestions and peer reviews. Plus it’s fun to share a score when you find one!

My Picks for Dark Autumn

Because I’m a seasoned pro I can shop shades of lipstick quickly and efficiently, which is why I’m happy to share my shop boards for lipsticks that work for Dark Autumn. Click the image below to view what’s currently in stock, for your season.
Want to see other seasons’ lipstick options? Click here.
rachel nachmias amazon dark autumn lipstick board

My Complete Shopping Guide

View my full list of recommendations from lipsticks to eye shadows to some of my favorite things.

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