This Is The Year Your Wardrobe War Ends

Mar 7, 2023 | Style Tips

A New Year

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent the last week (or even last month!) thinking about what you hope the next year of your life will look like. Which, to be honest, may or may likely not include your wardrobe for the coming year.

If not, maybe that’s because your wardrobe worked so well last year. Looked and felt how you wanted. Did what you needed it to do. Maybe even went a bit above and beyond! Isn’t it funny how little attention we pay to the things in our lives that work perfectly?

If I’m describing you, congrats! Maybe this note will just be a reminder of one more thing you’ve accomplished over the past year, and a little gratitude always does feel good.

Maybe though, that doesn’t sound like you at all. Maybe you bought too much but still had nothing to wear. Maybe you spent hours panic-shopping for that event and hated how you looked in the photos anyway. Maybe you’ve been swearing you were going to get this whole wardrobe thing under control and finally have an actual style and look like YOU and it just. keeps. not. happening.

Well, guess what? That was last year. And I’m here to tell you next year doesn’t have to be that way.


It may be cliché, but January really is the best time of the year to reset and start fresh. This is why each year I lead classes each week inside my membership program, The Society of Extraordinary Style, to help you do just that.

We open this Thursday night at 7 pm EST (for the third year running!) with a class to help you choose a style word of the year and envision what you want your wardrobe to be. No matter where you are in your style journey, it’s a great time to get clear on your goals for the coming year.

I’d like to invite you to join us in starting your style year off right, whether you’ve worked with me in the past or been in the membership before, or have just been lurking in the background. So I’m offering access to the membership for the entire month for $5.

You can join using the code FIRSTFOR5 at checkout and get access to this week’s style word class, as well as classes to help you purge your wardrobe (painlessly!), kickstart your signature style, and improve your everyday look right now.

Plus, you’ll have free reign over my student center full of past classes on about a zillion different style topics, all my books and resources, and every long-form course I’ve made to date.

And as an extra bonus, I’ll offer all brand new members a free 30-minute private call with me to determine your Image Archetype (I offer this very rarely so if you’ve always wanted to know now’s the time).  At the end of the month, you can choose to leave or stay at the regular price of $25. If that all sounds good, CLICK HERE TO JOIN US.

However you decide to approach your wardrobe in 2023, I wish you a fabulous year of extraordinary style.


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