My Books

I’ve been fortunate enough to publish multiple international best-selling books about fashion and style.

The Curated Wardrobe

Are you tired of spending too much time on your wardrobe, only to feel ho-hum in your clothes? Does it feel like everyone but you got a rulebook telling them exactly how to look put-together for any occasion?

In The Curated Wardrobe author and stylist, Rachel Nachmias will walk you through the exact steps she has used with hundreds of clients to curate their wardrobes so that looking chic and feeling comfortable and confident every day is easy.

You’ll Learn:

    • Why you have nothing to wear even though your closet is jam-packed.
    • The definitive formula for knowing which styles and colors work on you – and which don’t.
    • How to hone your wardrobe into a small, curated collection of investment pieces while being able to dress for any occasion.
    • The secret to looking age appropriate and professional without being boring.
    • How to quickly figure out and find the exact pieces you need in your closet so you can spend time on other things.

    The Face of the Business

    If you want to grow your business with video, you’re going to need to look the part. Crafting amazing videos require more than just great content. Most women want to make the right visual impression to attract viewers that are ready and willing to listen to their message but are not sure how. To get maximum impact from their videos, women need the confidence and skills to master their image and truly become the face of their business.

    Based on her experience transforming hundreds of clients from fashion rookies into camera-ready women of style, Rachel Nachmias offers a step-by-step process to becoming your most beautiful and confident self, creating videos that grow your following, and turning viewers into clients willing to pay top-dollar for your expertise.

    If you dream of creating a personal style that is an asset in your business, and not a liability, The Face of The Business is for you!