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3-Month Style Makeover Program

Do you find yourself looking at other people who seem to just know exactly what to wear to look their best and wonder…

What do they know that I don’t know?

We can fix that.

It’s time to end the cycle of constant buying/returning/donating and learn how to put together a wardrobe that actually works for you.

Working intimately with Rachel, you will create a plan for your wardrobe together and address your unique combination of physical features, body type, personality, taste, and practical requirements.

You will put an end to the guesswork, no longer waste money on the wrong clothes, and build a wardrobe and style you will love wearing.

Looking for info about rates or how it works? Check out our FAQ page. Or scroll down to learn more about what’s included.

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What’s Included in this Makeover

signature style makeover

3 Month Program

12 weeks of wardrobe guidance, education, and support.


Real-time responsive feedback from Rachel via email or text.

Online Library

Lifetime access to my signature style development videos.

Color & Body Analysis

A complete analysis to develop a comprehensive plan for makeup, hair, body type and color.

Wardrobe Makeover

A complete wardrobe edit, including accessories and makeup.

Personal Shopping

Shopping for key wardrobe pieces, creating a lock & load catalog of winning outfits.

Need Something More Self-Guided?

If you are looking for something less intensive than this 3-month one-on-one program, check out my online membership club
The Society of Extraordinary Style.

What My Clients Have To Say

Mads Robson
Mads Robson
I actually went into my color combination having a guess as to what my season was but no idea "why". And ultimately that "why" was the biggest value I got out of the color consultation.The session actually starts with Rachel walking through the process of figuring out the season, and then you collaboratively do it together, which gives you a... great first-hand look and practice at how colors change how you look. You then get additional practice afterwards with makeup / color swatches that reinforces what you've just learned.My original guess as to my own season was right, but even if I had been SURE what my season was beforehand I would do it anyways just for the skill building and the "why" behind it. I've used these skills every time I go shopping afterwards and it's made a huge difference. It's exciting to find colors that I never thought I could wear!read more
Christine Reitz
Christine Reitz
Had such a great experience with Rachel getting my personal color analysis done! I wanted to get an understanding of what colors work best for me and she absolutely delivered. Rachel walked me through every step of the process and shared her thoughts out loud with every color swatch that went on me, sharing specifics on why or why not each color... worked. We also went through things like makeup, metals (down to the specific golds that are better for me than others), and even nails! I left my appointment feeling excited about revamping my wardrobe, accessories, and overall more
michelle reyes
michelle reyes
Although the weather was not on our side the day of my appointment Rachel was still able to see me. First off Rachel is amazing she's very knowledgable, friendly and easy to talk to. She answered all my questions and helped me understand the entire personal color analysis concept and how to apply it in everyday life. This appointment was... everything I hoped for and more. It gave me the clarity I wanted/needed when it comes to my wardrobe, hair color, jewelry and makeup especially since I am someone who loves to express myself through those things. After you you are finished with the appointment Rachel provides plenty of resources so you don't have to worry about memorizing everything and gives you a cute travel size palette so you can take it on the go when shopping. I would 100% recommend this especially as a gift to someone and even for anyone getting married since you would be surprised how many shades of white there are. It was worth the money and its information that I will be able to use for the rest of my more
Rachel spent SIX hours analyzing my colors and style archetype. She was the expert I needed at this point of my color journey - someone who would take the time to explain each step in detail and be willing to go through yet one more comparison to help me feel confident as a Dark Autumn Sophisticate. I did end up joining her Online Style Club,... which is a very good thing as I already have a ton of (new) questions as I attempt to put my learnings into practice. I feel confident that Rachel will have the expertise to answer these questions and help me continue on my way to a better curated wardrobe and more striking personal style. I would recommend Rachel's services to anyone who is on a quest for not only answers but an understanding of how and why the answer is the more
Monica Lessen
Monica Lessen
Rachel is knowledgeable and charming. She is super supportive in the process of finding your color season and body line analysis, which I have done both. I definitely agree with her results. I also greatly appreciated her help with walking me through what my season and body like analysis mean for me and my style. Highly recommend!
I worked with Rachel about 6 years ago. Having my personal image archetype determined by Rachel was so helpful in developing my wardrobe with smart purchases that really work well for my body without wasting time and money.I have continued to value the guidance Rachel gave me and use the resources to guide my new purchases or for restyling my... hair. It has been such a great investment working with Rachel xread more
Anna K
Anna K
I got my personal color analysis done by Rachel and loved it! Before my appointment, I was very confused about my undertones and what colors looked good on me. Rachel was very informative throughout the process and validated my previous feelings about certain colors. I never thought I'd be a soft summer, but it's so amazing to not only see the... difference the drapes make, but also how Rachel explains why the color is affecting you in a certain way. I feel a lot more confident now building my wardrobe and choosing makeup/hair colors that are the best for me. It's 100% worth the investment - I'd recommend booking a PCA with Rachel to anyone!read more
B Fedor
B Fedor
Rachel is the real deal. I got my personal color analysis (PCA) and the session was 4 hours and she taught me so much about color and what to pick out to make me feel the most beautiful. She explains her entire thought process and why she chooses what she does, and now I know how to style color to bring out my natural skin color the best. Very... worth the more
Kimberli Gray
Kimberli Gray
I just had my personal color appointment with Rachel. It was incredibly informative and I feel way more confident picking out color and knowing I won't be wasting money and time. She spent 3 hours with me and answers so many questions. I would highly recommend.
Joy Mahannah
Joy Mahannah
Rachel is truly the best of the best when it comes to colour and style. She is a mature and pleasant lady to work with and what I appreciate most about her is that she always has her client’s best interests foremost. Rachel has no ego and is really just here to serve and elevate people using her gifts.
Linh Tran
Linh Tran
I had the Personal Color Analysis & Body Line Analysis appointment with Rachel and it was an amazing experience. Rachel was engaging and so knowledgeable. She took her time explaining all the nuances and made sure I understand each step of the way. The whole experience was so much fun and definitely worth the investment. She also provides so a lot... of resources afterwards. Stephanie made the process of booking the appointment super easy and smooth. Thank you both so much!read more
Krysten Kerby
Krysten Kerby
Rachel knows her stuff and was an absolute pleasure to spend time with to help discover my color season. She answered every question and gave me tons of tips and insight on how to look and feel my best! Highly recommend!
Kiera Dalmass
Kiera Dalmass
I had a Personal Color Analysis (PCA) with Rachel. As I continue to grow, age, establish myself, attend events, etc., the investment into clothing has become more of a focus and I want to ensure that the clothing I invest in not only makes me happy but also complements my features. Rachel's expertise put all my worries at ease! One of the greatest... parts of the appointment is that she guides you through the process of color analysis, asking questions and pointing out features that you would not ordinarily notice. I learned so much and the appointment was fantastic from start to finish. After the analysis, Rachel also provides resources for your season and for your future analysis on your own. Highly recommend Rachel and her services!!!read more
Mal Stenson
Mal Stenson
Such useful information. Rachel communicates the color affects in a way that helps you understand.
Liann Gelber
Liann Gelber
Rachel was extremely personable and professional. I was able to make an appointment the same week that I reached out to her. I had the Personal Color Analysis appointment and was able to learn about the best colors and makeups that would go with my complexion. At the end of the session, she gave me a color wheel that I can use while shopping and... sent me links with recommended make up to purchase which makes my life much easier and simplified for shopping. I highly recommend her! It’s such a great treat to learn about styling and boost your confidence 😊read more
Talia Branda
Talia Branda
Rachel was beyond professional and we had so much fun together. She took the time to explain the science and artistry behind color matching. I came in with no knowledge just wanting to learn my colors, and midway through the session she helped me cultivate my own artistic eye!! Shocked and excited to learn I’m a bright winter!!!Such a fun treat... for myself. Highly more
I am so glad I found Rachel. She definitely opened my eyes on what looks best on me. I've struggled shopping for clothing that I can love and not be just a typical black top/dress. I truly feel I can go forward with a better grasp on how to dress so that I can feel confident and beautiful. And I finally figured out what lipstick color to buy!!!
Rachel is am amazing stylist. I have used her to help me create my signature style and build my wardrobe that emulates me! I feel more confident and stand out from the crowd. I get so many compliments on my clothes, how I look in them, and my unique style. Highly recommend Rachel… she is the best investment I made in myself.
Carole Dempsey
Carole Dempsey
Far and away the most helpful and productive style consultation(s) ever! The process is straightforward and clear, the advice is actionable and realistic, and the improvements are immediate. I am thrilled with the results-worth every penny!
I had a PCA and a PIA done with Rachel and it literally transformed my life. I stopped wasting money on clothing & makeup that don’t work, confidently redirected that effort into what *does* work, and have never looked back. I can shop so much more quickly now because knowing exactly what I’m looking for immediately rules out so much of what’s... there. I’ve surely saved thousands in the years since I had these analyses done. I’m frequently complimented on my style and makeup because now I know how to choose what suits me best! It truly is an energy shift and one of the best gifts I’ve ever given more
Yvonne Smith
Yvonne Smith
Since working with Rachel, my wardrobe has completely transformed. I look and feel so much better as I now understand what clothes and colours suit me and my lifestyle.
Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor
Rachel is AMAZING! I have seen experts including Zyla, but still felt a gap in how to style myself and where I fit in seasonally. I joined Rachel's fabulous classes where she gave her honest informative views on outfits I questioned, including lengths, and lines. I gained such clarity after she draped me Dark Autumn and typed me as a Muse. Her... candor and expertise gave me real- life lessons, and I am more
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Rachel Has Been Seen On


Rachel Has Been Seen On

This Year My Style will be (blank) 🤔 

It’s that time of the year, friends! The slate has been swept clean, and endless possibilities lay before us. Whatever happened last year, however our wardrobes served us or didn’t, that’s behind us. We are brimming with hope for who we could be (and what we could wear) this year. 

Every year on the first Thursday of the year, I lead a group call to find our style words of the year. It’s a time set aside to reflect on where you’ve come from and decide where you want your style to go this year. It’s one of my favorite things I do all year, and I would love for you to join us. 

Will you be expressive or extravagant? Free-spirited or focused? I’d love to find out together. So as a special gift, you can join my members in The Society of Extraordinary Style for the entire month for just $5. Just sign up with the link in my bio with the code 2024 and you’ll be in for tonight’s call. 

I hope to see you there! As always, it would be my pleasure to help you and your wardrobe flourish this year. Whatever you wear this year, I hope it treats you well. ❤️
Hi @barbie fans! 💖💖💖 I made you a little catalog of perfect Barbie pink shades for every season 🌸😘 Check out the link in my bio and hit “shop”. 

P.S. Hover over my picks to see which season they are for 😊

#barbiemovie #barbie #personalcoloranalysis #coloranalysis #barbiestyle #barbiegirl #barbiemovie2023 #barbiestyle #pinkbarbie #dressbarbie #pinkdress #summerpinkdress #commissionsearned
In case you haven’t had your fill of Prime day goodies yet, I spotted Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Gridlock, an excellent fuchsia for True Winter (and 714, a great red for Bright Winter) on sale! 😍 💄 Check out the link in my bio for more of my Amazon picks. #coloranalysis #truewinter #primeday #amazonprime #lipstick #lipstickjunkie #personalcolor #personalcoloranalysis #CommissionsEarned #primedaydeals
Imagine that you are tasked with decorating a log cabin. What kinds of furnishings would you look for? 🤔 

I’m guessing that you would probably choose something rustic and organic looking with a casual and cozy vibe, regardless of your preferences in interior décor. 🏠 🌲 

On the other hand, I doubt you will have chosen hyper-modern furnishings made of metal and molded plastic fit for a black tie affair. Possibly there’s an interior decorator somewhere who could make that look fabulous, but the easiest and most logical choice would be to furnish a log cabin like…a log cabin. 👍 

Not only does this create an incredibly harmonious and attractive end result with
minimal training and effort required, it also allows us to capitalize off of the best elements of the log cabin that are already there without having to create some new appeal from scratch.

If you haven’t guessed, the log cabin in need of the right decor is a metaphor for a person
in need of the right clothing. 👗 👠 👜 

Want to know what kind of “decor” is perfect for you? Watch this space… 👀

#kibbe #kibbebodytypes #bodylineanalysis
So what is an Image Archetype? 🤔

A lot of people have heard of Image Archetypes or Kibbe body types, but don’t really understand what they are. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Essentially, it’s a combination of shape, line, scale, and proportion that creates a conceptual style in reference to your body. 
The quickest, easiest, most effective way to dress a person is to dress them to look like themselves. 

So just as we have styles such as Mid-Century Modern or Colonial in architecture, in fashion we have Image Archetypes.💃🏻

There are 10 Image Archetypes divided into 5 categories: Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, Gamines, Romantics. 

Want to know more? Stay tuned…📻 

#kibbe #kibbebodytypes #bodytypes #imagearchetype #bodylineanalysis #imageanalysis #personalstylist #knowyourstyle #stylefashion #rachelnachmias
🎤Echemm.. Is this thing on? I know I haven't been around much lately, so allow me to reintroduce myself. 

Hi, I’m Rachel Nachmias.

I’m a two-time bestselling style author and personal stylist for over a decade. I’ve helped hundreds of women develop their own unique signature style so that they can step out into the world as their best selves.

I'll be posting tips and tricks to use your color season🌸☀🍁❄ and body type to curate a wardrobe you feel 100% confident in. So if that sounds good to you, watch this space👀!

#personalstylist #personalstyle #personalcoloranalysis #coloranalysis #kibbe #kibbebodytypes
You guys I can't with these shots... and there's more to come! Could not create this level of magic magic without the incredible @carolinewphoto behind the lens 📷, so grateful to have another chance to work together ❤️
What if, humor me here, that thing about your body- you know the thing. The thing you're up googling how to get rid of at 3 AM. 
The double dip hip or the cellulite on your butt or your limp hair or your left eyelid that's slightly lower than the right... ___
What if instead of being a curse uniquely visited upon you by the gods, what if it was just totally ordinary? Just an absolutely regular feature of human beings that doesn't mean anything at all. Nothing to write home about, no action required.
I'm probably wrong but... what if I'm not?