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The Idea of a Color

The Idea of a Color

Many people love the idea of color analysis – the idea that, through some process of discernment, it can be concluded which colors are most becoming for a given individual. Unfortunately, a wrong notion of what exactly that means has become somewhat embedded in the cultural understanding of color analysis.

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Let’s Find Your Style Together

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Personal Color Analysis

A single session to determine your personal color palette, which in turn will save you money shopping, increase your confidence, and evoke your natural beauty.

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Signature Style Makeover

This 3-month makeover plan will help you develop your own unique signature style, curate a fabulous wardrobe, and enjoy the freedom of being able to look your best, effortlessly.

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Body Image Analysis

By learning your image archetype, we’ll discover together what silhouettes and styles look best on you, revolutionizing how you shop.

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Society of Extraordinary Style

An online style community where you gain access to a library of style resources, weekly calls, and a whole community of stylish women supporting one another.

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